My Story


Growing up, having a car was rare

Coming from a single-parent home, I watched my mom struggle with no vehicle. She had difficulty providing basic needs like food, clothing and shelter. She was unable to seek and maintain employment due to the lack of transportation. There was no quality public transportation in the rural area we lived in. Therefore, if I missed the bus, I was unable to get to school, resulting in multiple absences. 

When my mom was able to obtain a vehicle, it was often repossessed due  to the inability to make the monthly payments.

Leaving an abusive relationship with a basket of clothes, diapers, my daughters and Faith

was one of the hardest things I have ever done!

Having a car meant everything to us. It gave me the ability to get back and forth to my two jobs, I was able to enroll in college, transport the girls to school and daycare. Without that car, I don't know how I would have overcome poverty and escaped this incredibly difficult situation.

My vehicle literally drove me to succeed, and I want do to the same for you

Today, I can finally see above the fog. I understand that this is my opportunity to help those whom are still submerged in the all-consuming process of single parenting. 

As the Founder of Driven To Succeed in Life, I want to help those of you who just need a break!

So what's next?

I want to hear your story.  In a 3-5 minute video, explain how a vehicle would help you succeed.  Tell me about your family, your situation, and what a car would mean to you.