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We are grateful to offer this service to these parents.  Often times single parents go unrecognized and even shunned for their marital status. This program brings these parents into the spotlight to lift them up and show them we care and want to help them succeed.  Being a single parent is such a challenge.  These children need parents who can transport them to and from school, daycare, doctors appointments, and the grocery store.  Those of us who already have transportation take these daily needs for granted.  Stop for a second and think about how difficult your daily life would be if you had to rely on public transportation, friends and family to get you where you need to go every day.  How would that make you feel?   How long would it take you to get to work using a bus? How many people are available in your life to get you where you need to go on a daily basis?  How long would these people be able to help you get around?  How many people would stop answering your calls if you had to ask them every morning to take you to work, every evening to pick you up and take you home, every week to get to and from the grocery store?

Having a vehicle affords these parents the ability to expand their knowledge by going to college or better their career.  Public transportation can be unreliable and cause children to be late to school or even miss classes. Often times, parents are late to work due to the use of public transportation which could result in termination of employment. Let's get together as a community and help get these parents back in the driver's seat so they have the ability to drive themselves to succeed. 

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